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The parent-led Bluegrass Region Volleyball Club (BRVC) provides student athletes in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky the opportunity to develop volleyball skills in a competitive league environment.  BRVC will emphasize players learning the fundamental skills of volleyball,  strategy and team aspects of the game.  Athletes assigned a team will have a role in practice and matches.  BRVC coaches will use a proven coaching system that is focused around the club's mission led by WCHS Head Volleyball Coach, Lindsey Dettwiller.  The BRVC  season will begin with practices to begin in December/January.  The season will tentatively run through April—depending on tournament schedules.


BRVC Mission:

Promote sportsmanship and the sport of volleyball to all Woodford County and area youth and to provide interested youth with the opportunity to develop their volleyball skills.

BRVC By-Laws

BRVC 2012-13 Executive Board:

Board positions are held for the term of one year. No member can fill the same position more than two consecutive years. See the BRVC by-laws for more information.

BRVC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity and declares: It is the policy of BRVC to help all individuals, even if the individual or their parents are not active members in our organization, or do not take part in any of our fund-raising activities. The support of an individual will not depend on the fund-raising effort of the individual or their parents. We will make this policy clearly know to our members.

BRVC will not participate in any fund-raising program where there is any direct benefit to the individual who raises the funds. For example, we will adopt no system where a parent or individual receives a point or other credit for their fund-raising participation which can then be used to offset an individuals expense.

It is the policy of BRVC every fund-raising event to publicize, in advance of the event, the fair market value of the benefit received in such a way that our contributors can clearly determine what portion is deductible, and what portion is not.


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