BRVC is a collaboration between the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI), an UK NGO which has been tackling poverty and exploitation in Southeast Europe for many years and Beginning of Life, a Moldovan NGO with a long track record of developing and delivering innovative and impactful community-based projects in Moldova. FSCI combats human-trafficking of at-risk young people and the exploitation of vulnerable communities in Southeast Europe. Working together we want to effect positive change throughout the region enabling marginalised people to realise a better future for themselves and their children. With support from generous donors in the UK and in Moldova, we have built a common programme based on our existing tried and tested projects which we will roll out over the next four years in collaboration with like minded local NGOs. Success and sustainability depend on institutional collaboration from national and regional authorities. BRVC aims to work with relevant authorities from the outset.

The practicalities

A project plan over five years and the key components involved

1st year

Building up a common programme
based on the existing projects.

News 2 - 3 years

Customizing and shaping the
model in different communities.

Next 4 - 5 years

Promotion in other
regions of Eastern Europe.


Sustainable interventions

The BRVC project focuses on strategic, long term, holistic, sustainable action which will make a material impact at a scale that will radically improve future prospects.

The main goal is to offer individuals, families and communities an alternative model of resilient thinking and acting in response to the effects of poverty, exploitation and trafficking which will result in the avoidance of harm and significantly better life experiences, both immediate and in terms of future prospects.

Early Child Development Center

Early Child Development Centers are offering educational assistance for vulnerable families and communities: Enabling children with limited or no parental input to access learning process within safe and stimulating environment. Center is offering also family support programs for single-parents and carers, and psycho-emotional assistance through art therapy.

House of Opportunity

“House of Opportunity” is targeting vulnerable individuals: Combating exploitation and trafficking and preventing poverty among at-risk young people, especially those leaving state and foster care, through residential training and support.

Youth Awareness and Development Programs

Personal development programs targeting vulnerable youth and teenagers are designed to give young people tools for critical and creative thinking and active citizen position.



Our team during the last 10 years was developing series of training and educational materials that would be relevant and innovative tools for school and civil society awareness and personal formation, that would bring more resilience to various social threats and risks (exploitation, human trafficking, abuse and domestic violence). As one of the major results of the BRVC project will be a set of training materials that would cover both early child development and teen-n-youth social and emotional formation.

Way to Success

Way to Success is a multi-dimensional two-year training program intended to equip and empower young people to be self-sustainable and resistant to manipulation, exploitation and risky behavior. This educational platform helps young people to understand their unique personal abilities and to develop life and professional skills.


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Dr. Vladimir Ubeivolc
President of BOL, Educational expert
Serghei Mihailov
Executive director\ BRVC coordinator
Yulia Ubeyvolk
Psychologist, art-therapist, trainer
Anna Ubeivolc
Olga Voronova
Early Child Education Coordinator

Youth and Teens Development

Serghei Procopov
Social pedagogue, BRVC Youth
Serghei Semaev
Trainer BRVC Teens
Vera Carapunarli
Pedagogue, trainer BRVC Teens
Vitaliy Grecov
Trainer, game developer
Polina Sazonova
Trainer, art-therapist


Chris Mould
Chief Exec, FSCI (UK)
Richard Parsons
Operations Manager, FSCI (UK)
Teodora Koleva
Executive director, FSCI Bulgaria
Nicolai Zlatev
Social Work Department Manager, FSCI Bulgaria

Our partners

Project “Building Resilience in Vulnerable Communities 2021-2025” is elaborated and run by Beginning of Life in partnership with Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (UK)